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Optoma HD25e - FullHD DLP-Beamer 2800 ANSI - Beispielaufnahmen

Beispielaufnahmen meines Optoma HD25e - FullHD DLP-Beamer mit max. 2800 ANSI Lumen.

Die Aufnahme wurde soga "nur" im ECO-Modus des Beamers gemacht, der immer noch ziemlich hell ist und dabei sehr leise arbeitet.

"In Echt" ist das Bild noch deutlich schärfer und etwas heller, als hier zu sehen. :-)

Zum Beweis, dass es sich um eine abgefilmte Aufnahme handelt, haben ich zwischendurch das Licht im Raum eingeschaltet. So erkennt man auch ungefähr die Dimensionen des Bildes. Die Leinwand, auf die ich projeziert haben, ist 234cm breit (sichtbarer, weißer Bereich).

Optoma hd25e

Daath Gnosis : traanslaation: i constantly suckk ddd eating ass im am bottomga

Optoma hd25e projector Transformers 3 blu ray

1080p through Sony's BDP-S790 with 4k upscaling. Sorry about the flicker ? It's my mobile phone. Sony experia, anyone know how I can get rid of the flicker. Never had this on my old Galaxy 3 :0(
K K : Someone Has compared This with Benq 1060? I rather will choice optoma 25e tomorrow :)
rhu Mash : anamorphic lense?
BATOSAI Dota II : of what material is that screen made of?
harry potter : This is my first projector and I am only using it for an outside patio area Mostly at night . Purchased from amazon here is the Discount LINK http,//amzn,to/2aPfkJF . Was very impressed with picture and ease of adjustments with remote control. The speaker that is built in works great. I can use at level 3/10 and hear everything great. If you turn the volume off you can barley hear the fan. Eco has a little less noise and a little less light. But if you have volume on 1 or above you can not hear anything unless it is sitting right next to you. I wish they would included a white power cord instead of black for this model. There is a picture of projector during the day against a plastic roll down and it still has a nice picture.
Len Swope : Nice whats settings are you using?
YouLR7 : That's amazing. Dude, I envy you. Thanks for the video!
tokyo taratara : Please tell me setting!
BobbyDigital : Did you compare this projector to the Benq w1070 ?
Patrick Pham : Hello, if I have a 2.35:1 screen, and this projector plays in 16:9, I will have 2 black bars on each side.

My question is, if I play a 2.35:1 movie,I will eventually get 4 black bars, (2 each side, 1 on top and 1 at bottom), the image will get much smaller, would I be able to zoom in to fill the 2.35:1 screen I have???

Thank you!!!

I have to go with 2.35:1 screen because my ceiling is low.
Samuel Salvatore : Nice video!! thinking about buying the same projector! what type of projection screen are u using? thnks




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